Full Stack Supply Chain Management

Sourcing procurement at your fingertips. Our in-house team members take care of factory audit, communication, and logistics headaches away from you. On-site QC staff ensures everything goes as planned until shipment.

We source for companies from around the world – Fortune Global 500, Kickstarter projects, Amazon top sellers, lifestyle platforms, media publications, influencers and more.

We are proud to work alongside with our partners and clients, and provide support in the sourcing process that most enjoy the least. 



Now you can save time, cost, and the hassle from product development, prototyping, manufacturer communication, production schedule, lead time management, and all the other details in between.

This process takes place before your product even gets to the market. So we’re here to help make your idea-to-product process just a little easier.

  • Product Strategy
  • Prototype & Sample
  • Sourcing & Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Consolidation – Zero touchpoint for client. We have backup vendors for every step of the process, and a system in place to streamline pre, during, and post production.
  • Quality Assurance – Final product is benchmarked by the pre-production sample signed and confirmed by client. Depending on client’s specific QC requirements, we have systems in place to meet requested standards.